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13-18 Months Curriculum

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In this Revised Edition (2010) of the fourth book in the Partners for a Healthy Baby series, we have strengthened and expanded topics with a special focus on the emotional health of the family and on infant mental health; the powerful role of fathers and the importance of father figures; health, safety and nutrition; military families and their young children; and protective factors for strengthening families and preventing child abuse.

Another notable difference in this revised edition is the reordering of Handouts. Whenever a Handout is referenced in the Detailed Information pages, both the new number and the previous Handout number are listed. Also a crosswalk of this edition’s Handout numbers with those from the previous edition is included in the front of the Handout section. Three new Handouts were added to this revised edition and can be downloaded for printing at for a limited time at no charge.

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