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7-12 Months Curriculum

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This third volume in the Partners for a Healthy Baby series incorporates neurodevelopment research, infant mental health, and evidence-based best practices during infancy.

Practical applications of research are integrated throughout the curriculum in strategies for supporting baby's development such as bonding and attachment, continuity of care, the effects of stress on the parents and infant, health and safety, mother's physical and emotional health, and ways to promote the baby's overall development through daily care routines, toys and books, and building a trusting relationship. The handouts offer practical guidance to families dealing with baby's stranger anxiety, increasing mobility, and desire for independence.

Our hope is that these curricular resources will help home visitors effectively communicate these critical topics with families, and that families will provide the social emotional, intellectual, and physical support young children need to thrive.

408 pp., color, illustrated, worksheets, list of resources and a complete set of handouts.

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