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Finding the Gold Within

Overcoming Adversity to Create a Happy Life
Finding the Gold Within is a 190-page guide to nurturing your inner capacity for resiliency so you can quickly and gracefully recover from life’s challenges with sustained hope, strength to persevere, and relationships that provide meaning and joy in your life.

Filled with beautiful illustrations, readings, and activities designed to promote self examination and insight and to inspire the phenomenal self within.

Areas of exploration:
  •    Making Yout Dreams Come True
  •    Facing Decisions & Challenges
  •    Healing Inner Wounds
  •    Getting a New Attitude
  •    Loving & Nurturing Yourself
  •    Nurturing Love & Friendship
  •    Fostering Resiliency in Children
  •    Creating Abundance in Your Life
  •    Strengthening Your Spiritual Connection
  •    Stepping into Your Greatness
Self Esteem
Price: $40.00
Self Esteem
Overcoming Adversity to Create a Happy Life

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