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"Let’s Explore!" Developmental Activities - Digital Add-on

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The “Let’s Explore!” developmental activities curriculum supplement contains 24 interactive activities for parents to enjoy with their children. Each activity includes a Detailed Information Page and a page of Individualizing Tips to provide home visitors with all the research-based information they need to plan and prepare, as well as an Activity Handout to share with families. The Detailed Information Page provides safety and cultural considerations, ideas for varying and extending the activity, and suggested language to use when introducing the activity to families. The Individualizing Tips page provides suggestions for adapting the activity for different age groups. Each colorful Activity Handout follows a consistent format to help guide home visitors and families through the “Let’s Explore!” activity during the visit.

The “Let’s Explore!” curriculum supplement is intended to support programs that are required to share individualized activities for the children and families on their caseload. To be most effective, a program must use its chosen curriculum to fidelity, which means using the curriculum as it was designed. The rich content of the FSU Partners core curriculum provides the research-based conceptual knowledge required to support families in the holistic way needed to achieve positive outcomes. The “Let’s Explore!” developmental activities complement and expand the application of the core curriculum content.

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